Are Obama And His Teleprompter About To Part Ways?

Obama has always been fond of recycling worn-out and ineffective talking points. And we’re not just talking about recycled themes, we’re talking about the actual content of his speeches, such as his recent one regarding the House Budget Plan.

You’d think that Obama and his teleprompter – who have been in a committed relationship from the beginning of his presidency – could do better than that. However, unnamed sources within the administration have confirmed that the Teleprompter of the United States and the President are having difficulties due to a rash of embarrassing performances.

Obama’s State of the Union speeches have become notorious for being nothing more than recycled talking points, even taking some from his first campaign – let me correct that to something more accurate – going back to the beginning of his current campaign (because he’s never stopped running).

In the absence of an energy policy – something we are still waiting on – Obama recycled a speech from Jimmy Carter after the Gulf oil spill in June 2010.

These episodes of TOTUS malfunction, a condition known as TOTUS-interruptus – I wonder if that’s covered under Obamacare – have put an incredible strain on their lengthy relationship.

Since the Apologist-in-Chief is an expert at blaming all of his difficulties on others, could we be on the verge of seeing Obama place the blame for his recent speaking ineptitude on the TOTUS and require his immediate resignation in order to protect his reelection campaign?

Possibly, but as we approach November, I suppose we should expect more “hope” and “change,” mixed with a little bit of “yes, we can!”

Hopefully, the electorate is a bit wiser since hearing those words back in 2008 and we avoid letting Obama recycle more than his speeches – such as another term as President.

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