Affirmative Action, Racism and the Supreme Court

When David Souter announced his plans to retire from the Supreme Court, conservatives across the nation realized one of their greatest fears, which was the reality that the anointed one was going to have the opportunity to begin shaping the nation’s high court in his own image.

We got a glimpse of what that would mean during the campaign. Obama frequently played the race card when the heat got too high for him, claiming that objections to his policies were nothing more than fear-mongering based on his race. Who can forget his famous Florida campaign stop where he accuses those who oppose him as a candidate as only doing so because he’s black?


So why should we be surprised that he uses race as a pre-requisite, not to mention a “qualification” for his first nomination for a Supreme Court Justice.

Throughout the entire process, all we have heard from the Obama camp was how the court needed more diversity. Diversity, of course, is liberal-speak for affirmative action. Funny, the Supremes have made many decisions in recent years that have stated that affirmative action has specific limitations, particularly when it’s used in a context where there’s no proof that minorities have been specifically disadvantaged. And yet, here we have the most recent nominee for the bench selected primarily because of her race and gender.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the person the annointed one selected is also a racist. From her own mouth, we have proof that she thinks being a female hispanic makes her smarter than a white male. Imagine, if you will, what would have happened if the tables were turned and a white male stated that he would be smarter than a hispanic female.


She has reinforced her racist leanings with some of her rulings from the bench. Most recently, she was a part of a decision that ruled against white firefighters in New Haven, CT. Particularly troubling was the fact that she provided no clarification in the ruling to explain the court’s decision, a point brought up by her conservative colleagues. An interesting coincidence on this ruling is the fact that it is about to be looked at by the same Supreme Court she has been nominated to sit on.

Obama used race in his Presidential campaign, and now he uses it when executing his duties. And the person who he nominated is also someone who uses race to do her job.

Affirmative action – Racism – the Supreme Court. Under Obama, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.


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